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Scratch Glass Repair

Scratch Glass Repair

Glass remains one of the most common materials in our homes. From light bulbs, table covers, shelves, cups, plates, mirrors, partitions, shelves, cooktops, ovens, TV monitor screens, to windows, they seem to follow us everywhere. Their transparency makes them a natural choice, allowing us to relish the gorgeous view of the outside world from our windows even as we’re sheltered deep inside our human-made caves. So in a way, we all live in the proverbial glass house or at least part-glass.

Scratch glass repair: Strength versus beauty

Commercial glass polishing services exist for the apparent reasons that glasses are fragile. Most household glass types are made of the strongest quality: frosted glass, toughened glass, textured, tinted glass, lacquered glass or tempered glass, etc. Typically, glasses, when laminated, don’t crack with age. But strong as they may be, they can get scratched or even cracked in extreme weather conditions or something as tiny as a tennis ball. This can diminish their integrity or their overall ergonomic value considerably.

A Guide: Everything you need to know about residential and commercial glass restoration and repair

But a scratched glass doesn’t have to spell the end of its beauty. There are some Glass restoration products that you can use to bring the glass back to shape, but if the damage is so bad, you will need to do a Professional glass restoration. We implore to hire the best Glass restoration consulting companies for these repair works. A few of the things to bear in mind are the types of glass, the extent of the scratch or damage, and most importantly, the kind of repair needed to bring the glass back into shape. Here’s a guide covering all things you need to know.

  • The types of glass

As we mentioned earlier, there are several types of glass. Although none of them is shatter-proof, they differ a lot in strength, texture, and transparency. But for each glass type, there’s a specific use it’s designed for. For instance, glass windows are made of sheet glass for thinness and clarity, although some are reinforced into the annealed glass to prevent accidental breaking or cracking. Also, some commercial glasses are built of much higher strength and quality due to the risk of fire exposure, etc. Frameless glass doors, structural glazing, and other large surface materials are made of toughened glass due to their exceptional strength. So always have it in mind that you need to do a scratched glass repair. This will help you to hire the right experts dealing in that type of glass.

  • The extent of damage and scratch

Scratches are very common in glasses. Most of the time, these scratches don’t look skin-deep on the surface. But they may make the surface look less attractive and contribute to further creaking in the long run if they’re not addressed promptly by a professional like us. Don’t delay your scratched glass repair!

  • The types of common repairs

While many glass restoration consulting professionals focus on some types of glasses and some types of repairs, we’re proud to announce that, when it comes to glass scratch removal, Unscratch the Surface Inc. is the best choice. If you need your scratched glass issue resolved without replacing the glass, we’re the next stop shop. Our list of common glass repairs for households and commercial purpose include the following:

  1. Glass graffiti removal;
  2. Glass restoration;
  3. Marine and Yacht glass restoration;
  4. Complete scratched glass resurfacing;
  5. Welding damage; etc

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Scratch Glass Repair
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Scratch Glass Repair
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